IPL 2016: Was the toss between KKR and KXIP fixed?


There was a suspicious during the toss of match beteween Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab at Eden Gardens on 4th May, Wednesday. Kings XI Punjab won the toss and captain Murali Vijay sent KKR in to bat, saying that he would like to put pressure on the hosts by making them bat first, because they are good chasers.

It was Gambhir who spun the coin. It was ‘heads’ that was called by Vijay, as relayed by Shastri through the microphone. Shastri then asked the match referee what the result was. Match referee Sharma said ‘Tail it is’, and pointed to Vijay. There was a moment of confusion, an exchange of words between Gambhir and Vijay, and then it was the Punjab captain who approached Ravi Shastri and shook his hand.

Interestingly, Ravi Shastri went up to Murali Vijay and the Kings XI Punjab captain decided to bowl first.

Murali Vijay said, “We are going to bowl first. There is a prediction of rain but we aren’t thinking too much about it. KKR are good chasers so we’d like to put them under pressure.”

Gambhir said, “We don’t mind batting first. We’re playing three spinners and the wicket looks dry so it’s a good opportunity to bat.”

We are looking for an answer to why did Shastri go to Vijay despite of the fact that he had called ‘heads’ and the coin had landed as ‘tails’?

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