VIDEO: AB de Villiers playing guitar and singing with his wife

AB de Villiers is Superman. AB de Villiers is Mr 360. AB de Villiers is a freak. AB de Villiers is one of the best batsmen in world cricket. There are a few strokes, in our outside the textbook, that only AB de Villiers can play. It takes a lot of courage and class to reverse-scoop a bowler who bowls at 150 km/h. And AB de Villiers does it everyday. From T20 to Test cricket, there is absolutely nothing that AB de Villiers can’t with a cricket bat in his hands. Some say he is in a different league. Some say he is from a different planet. But the fact is, he is one of the most entertaining batsmen in cricket history. In the video shared below, AB de Villiers can be seen playing guitar and singing a song with his wife Danielle. It’s a treat for AB de Villiers fans. Watch it here:

VIDEO: AB de Villiers playing guitar and singing with his wife


Unnati Madan

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