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Virender Sehwag wishes Sunil Gavaskar in typical ‘Viru’ style

As Sunil Gavaskar turned 67, Virender Sehwag wished in the most epic manner. Sehwag, who has always been a very admirer of Sunil Gavaskar, said that what Gavaskar did without helmet modern day cricket can’t achieve with all the equipments available these days. Sehwag also said that, “If cricket were a film,Sunil Gavaskar is Sholay.”

“What Gavaskar did without helmet, it’s difficult for people these days to do with all equipments.If cricket were a film,Sunil Gavaskar is Sholay,” Sehwag wrote on his Twitter handle.

 Immediately, Sehwag posted his second tweet with a picture of him and Sunil Gavaskar.

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