When Yuvraj Singh ‘bullied’ MS Dhoni in the dressing room

Yuvraj Singh’s father Yogiraj Singh has said many “unnecessary” things about MS Dhoni, but Yuvi has always maintained that he shares a very good friendship with MS Dhoni. Time and again and Yuvraj Singh has said two of them are great friends on and off the field, it did not quite start off on that note.

That’s where he draws the line. Interviews, he rarely agrees to. Scratch him for dressing room details and he smiles. So it came as a surprise when at Yuvraj Singh’s book launch, Dhoni did a tell-all. Sitting on the podium with Yuvraj he spoke about his early days in the star-studded Indian dressing room.

When MS Dhoni initially came into the team, Yuvraj joked about him being a ‘Bihari’ (Dhoni was from Jharkhand which was once a part of Bihar). Yuvraj Singh made his debut for India in 2000, whereas MS Dhoni made his international debut in 2004. So, Yuvraj was Dhoni’s senior. That one remark broke the ice and the two were close buddies from then on. It is fitting that the World Cup won under Dhoni in 2011 had Yuvraj as the man of the tournament.

After Dhoni had completed a blockbuster century against Sri Lanka; a certain Yuvraj Singh called him a Bihari and prophesised that a true calibre of a batsman is judged by the way he played in Test matches. Needless to say Yuvraj has scored not even half the amount of runs or played half the number of Tests Dhoni has. Talk about eating your own words?

This news has come as a big shock as Indian dressing room has always been known for it’s true ethics and comradery.

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