10 funniest banners held by fans from the stands

Cricket is called gentleman’s game, but time and again we see incidents that make us laugh. From on-field incidents to things that happen in the crowd area. In this post, The Cricket Lounge’s Vaibhav Sharma lists 10 of the funniest banners held by fans from the stands.

These posters are well-thought and brilliantly crafted. Credit also goes to cameramen who were alert enough to spot them and show them on the television. Let’s take a look at some of the most intelligently written cricket banners ever put up by the fans from the stands:


1. This is proper Aussie banter. You will find some of the best banners during The Ashes

2. Shane Warne is known for his ‘playboy’ image. But this is taking the matter too far.

3. ‘De Kock’s’ name will always be used for trolling. But he is a fantastic batsman. Isn’t he?

4. Because we don’t like cricket, we love it.

5. This is one of the best posters you will ever see if you’re a Rahul Dravid fan.

6. These fans made a request. But it was too hard to accept for the cameraman. But maybe it was a trick by these two gentlemen.

7. Fans trying their best to enjoy the slowest cricket match ever…

8. Kamran Akmal is also known as ‘Dropmal’. He has dropped more catches than he has taken (we are obviously exaggerating here).

9. Everybody knows about Andrew Flintoff’s drunken brawl on a boat…

10. She has her priorities set. Well done, girl.


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