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Mayanti Langer’s ‘hard-hitting’ reply to those who tried trolling Stuart Binny

Stuart Binny’s wife, Mayanti Langer, shared a very powerful letter through her Twitter account, to shut down the ‘troll brigade’. Stuart Binny has always been at the receiving end on social media because many believe that the only reason why he is in the team because he is the son of famous Indian cricketer Roger Binny.

To be fair, Binny has had a career of mostly downs and his inconsistent performances with the Indian cricket team have come in for a fair bit of criticism. But, every time he fails to perform, the troll brigade drags his wife Mayanti Langer, who is a sports presenter and works for Star Sports India.

Here are some of the ‘trolling’ tweets after Stuart Binny gave 32 runs in one over against West Indies in the first match of the recently concluded T20I series in the United States of America:

Mayanti Langer responded with a very hard-hitting letter that will put all these trolls to shame. 

“Dear Trollers, 

I hope no one ever demands the death of your loved ones or send you violent images threatening the same. 

Taunting me with suicide is shameful. Think of the families that suffer because of this tragedy and you have reduced their plight to a joke. 

I hope you find love and loyalty. By suggesting divorce, suggests you haven’t. 

I’ve been working since I was 18. Instead of wasting time calling me a gold-digger, go get a job and earn the right to support yourself and your families. 

I hope bullying us made you feel better about yourselves, cause otherwise was it really worth it?

Wishing you all the best”

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