VIDEO: Matthew Hayden delivers Kabali dialogues in ‘Rajni’ style

Matthew Hayden has a very special connection with India. As a cricketer, he had many memorable knocks in India. Hayden stood up for his team when the Australian batsmen used to struggle on the ironing track in India. Hayden established himself as one of the best openers by adjusting brilliantly to spin bowling in the Asian-Subcontinent.

Hayden’s bond with India further strengthened when he was picked by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Hayden won the hearts of Chennai people with his blistering batting and aggressive style of play. Hayden who is also known as ‘Hydos’, earned a massive fan base in India after his stint in the IPL.

Last month, Matthew Hayden returned to Chennai for the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). Like most residents of the city, Hayden too was smitten by Kabali and Rajinikanth fever. He even imitated the legendary actor, delivering three dialogues from the iconic film. Watch it here:

VIDEO: Matthew Hayden delivers Kabali dialogues in ‘Rajni’ style

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