CRICKET-COMIC: REVEALED! This is how selectors picked Hardik Pandya for the Test series against England

Hardik Pandya’s selection in India’s Test squad for the upcoming series against New Zealand raised a lot of eyebrows as many fans and critics felt that it wasn’t a very well thought move by the Indian selectors. Hardik Pandya is a young all-rounder and he has shown glimpses of his talent in the shorter format of the game but there is a feeling among the fans and cricket pundits that this move could have been delayed.

There is a also section of fans and pundits that believe it is a good move and picking Hardik Pandya early to play Test cricket will give him more confidence and expose his strengths and more importantly, weaknesses.

While we are all busy giving our views on this topic, it’s always good to have a funny look at things. Here’s Sanket Jack’s funny take on how the Indian selectors picked Hardik Pandya for the Test series against England:


DISCLAIMER: This cartoon is cartoonist’s own creation and it doesn’t represent the view of

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