This girl chased MS Dhoni’s Hummer and finally got a selfie clicked with him

ms dhoni aaradhya

There are fans who go to extreme level just to see their favourite stars and click a selfie them. Over the years, we have seen many Indian cricket fans go extra mile for their stars. Sudhir Kumar Choudhary, the famous Sachin Tendulkar and Indian cricket fan, dresses up in his special avatar for every match and he tries his best to be present at every home game that Team India plays.

Before the fourth ODI of the recently concluded series between India and New Zealand, MS Dhoni was seen driving his Hummer in his hometown Ranchi with his friends.

A very cute fan moment happened when MS Dhoni was on his way to the Ranchi airport in his Hummer during the India Vs New Zealand ODI series. A group of girls on two-wheelers followed MS Dhoni’s Hummer as he entered the airport premises.

Aaradhya, the girl who was chasing MS Dhoni’s super fast Hummer did not give up mid way and she rode all the way till the airport and finally met the limited overs captain at the terminal after she yelled out his name in fear of losing sight of him.

MS Dhoni also appreciated her effort and posed for a selfie with Aaradhya making her day.

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