VIDEO: Umesh Yadav’s controversial catch to dismiss Joe Root

There was a bit of controversy on day 1 of the first Test of the 5-match series between India and England, when the ball popped out of Umesh Yadav’s hands while celebrating the catch he took off his now blowing to dismiss Joe Root.

Initially Joe Root started to walk but he noticed that the catch wasn’t clean. The decision was referred to the third umpire, who gave it out after watching the replay which showed Umesh Yadav was in complete control of the ball before he lost it.

According to Law 32 (mode of dismissal: caught) of the cricket rule-book

“The act of making the catch shall start from the time when a fielder first handles the ball and shall end when a fielder obtains complete control both over the ball and over his own movement”.

VIDEO: Umesh Yadav’s controversial catch to dismiss Joe Root

This catch became a topic of discussion on social media as fans were divided in their view and shared their views. In fact, the commentary box was also divided as Nasser Hussain felt it wasn’t a clear catch and others thought he caught it clean before dropping it. In the end, there was a common view that it was a clean catch and the right decision was taken. But there was a lot of drama as Yadav first plucked, then juggled and finally popped it out from his hands.

Featured image source: Cricket Addictor

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