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Virat Kohli received a very special gift from his former teammate

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A former first-class cricketer from New Delhi, Sunny Sehrawat, who played cricket with Virat Kohli, took his love for Virat Kohli to another level by getting a full portrait of Virat Kohli tattooed on his back.

On the occasion of Virat Kohli’s 28th birthday, Sunny Sehrawat, who played U17 cricket with Virat Kohli, tattooed one of the most famous pictures of Virat Kohli on his back as a tribute to his favourite cricketer. Sunny Sehrawat also got Virat Kohli’s jersey number ’18’ tattooed along with his portrait.

“I have played cricket with Virat Kohli in childhood. Today he’s a star and pride of the Indian cricket team and I’m his ardent fan. This tattoo is a birthday gift to him as he has always inspired me,” Sunny Sehrawat said after getting Virat Kohli’s portrait tattooed on his back. 

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Kohli has a massive fan following in India and his fans keep doing things to impress their superstar. Kohli, who has the biggest following among all cricketers on social media, tries his best to stay connected with his fans and keeps posting videos on pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Virat must have received many gifts from his fans but getting this from his former U17 teammate will surely be special.

Happy 28th Birthday, Virat Kohli.

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