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Yuvraj Singh’s parents react on ‘drug-addict’ statement by Akanksha Sharma

Yuvraj Singh’s brother Zoravar Singh’s ex-wife Akanksha Sharma created a massive controversy after her eviction from the Big Boss house. Bigg Boss is scripted on the lines of the British television show Big Brother. The show’s format keeps participants locked inside a house for three months with no access to the outside world.

Akanksha, who was very critical of Yuvraj Singh and his family throughout her stay, took her blame-game to another level when she accused Yuvraj Singh of being a drug-addict. Akanksha Sharma revealed that Yuvraj Singh used to smoke weed while she was married Zoravar Singh. Akanksha revealed in an interview to Bollywood Life that Yuvraj Singh and his younger brother Zoravar used to smoke pot with her during her brief marriage with the latter.

As a reply to the drug allegations made by Akanksha, Yuvraj Singh’s father Yogiraj Singh replied:

Yuvraj’s father Yograj also refuted Akanksha’s claims stating, “What nonsense is she talking? It’s absolute rubbish. I’m a father of four children and none of them are drug addicts. Yuvraj, as also my other three children, are like lions. They don’t eat grass. The lady who is accusing Yuvraj, should put her own house in order before alleging something. These allegations will not hamper the chances of my son’s comeback — he will certainly comeback and play for India!”

Yuvraj Singh’s mother Shabnam Singh also hit back strongly at Akanksha Sharma after her controversial remarks about Yuvraj Singh: 

“Why do you think she got eliminated? It’s not just because she wasn’t playing the game well but it was due to the fact that she was discrediting Yuvraj, who is a national hero. Obviously, there was public outrage as his fans didn’t like it and voted her out. Yuvi has got a huge fan following and who’s she? She’s merely hopping on Yuvi’s fame and was lying all the time. We will take lawful recourse.”

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