James Anderson makes a controversial statement about Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli is the leading run-scorer in the ongoing 5-match Test series between India and England. Kohli has scored more than 600 runs so far and his average is in excess of 100. England’s fast bowler James Anderson, who is the leading wicket taker for England in Test cricket, hasn’t given any spectacular performance in the series, and it would be fair to say that one on one battle between him and Kohli, the Indian captain has been the clear winner.

After Virat Kohli’s double hundred in the first innings of the ongoing Test at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, James Anderson was asked about Kohli’s performance but the English fast bowler, rather than praising his skills, said that Kohli still has flaws in his technique and the pitches in India aren’t suitable for swing bowling. When Virat Kohli played Test cricket in England for the first time, he struggled against the moving ball and Anderson got better off throughout the series. But, since then, Virat Kohli has worked hard on his technique and now he is arguably the best batsman in world cricket, across all three formats of the game.

This is what James Anderson said about Virat Kohli and his technique: 

“I’m not sure he’s changed,” Anderson said. “I just think any technical deficiencies he’s got aren’t in play out here. The wickets just take that out of the equation.

“We had success against him in England, but the pace of the pitches over here just take any flaws he has out of the equation. There’s not that pace in the wicket to get the nicks, like we did against him in England with a bit more movement. Pitches like this suit him down to the ground.

“When that’s not there, he’s very much suited to playing in these conditions. He’s a very good player of spin and if you’re not bang on the money and don’t take your chances, he’ll punish you. We tried to stay patient against him, but he just waits and waits and waits. He just played really well.”

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