VIDEO: Younis Khan’s funny leave off Maddinson’s bowling

Pakistan’s Younis Khan is a world class batsman and his numbers deserve respect. Younis has served Pakistan cricket for a very long period of time and he is still looking good to be there for a couple of more years.

Younis is Pakistan’s leading run-scorer in Test cricket and he has scored the most number of hundreds in Test cricket by a Pakistani batsman. Younis has his own way of batting and it has been very effective. Khan is a very hard working cricketer and he has scored runs almost everywhere he has played. He adjusts well to the conditions and bats with a lot of patience, adding stability and balance to Pakistan’s top-order.

In the ongoing series between Australia and Pakistan, Younis Khan left a delivery by Maddinson in a very funny way. Younis felt some disturbance behind the bowler’s arm and backed off at the last moment. But, he backed off in such a way that it looked as if he was actually leaving the ball. Maddinson’s delivery also spun and didn’t hit the stumps. It all looked very funny in the middle. Watch it here:

Featured image source: Cricket Network (screen grab)

VIDEO: Younis Khan’s funny leave off Maddinson’s bowling

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