VIDEO: Yuvraj Singh’s funny dance with Hardik Pandya

The internet just can’t get enough of dancing videos from Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech’s wedding functions. From Yuvraj-Hazel to Virat-Anushka, all the videos from Yuri’s wedding went absolutely viral on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The latest video of Yuvraj Singh’s dancing like a man with one hand with Hardik Pandya and Rannvijay Singh is the most hilarious. Yuvraj Singh likes dance in his own way and you can see in this video how he is choreographing funny dance moves for Pandya and Rannvijay.

Hardik Pandya also shared this video on his Facebook page: “When he knows you can’t dance with one hand he comes up with a step for you !! That’s Yuvi Paa for you all congrats big brother Yuvraj Singh and Bhabhi ji Hazel Keech And the wonderful dance partner Rannvijay Singh Singha.” 

VIDEO: Yuvraj Singh’s funny dance with Hardik Pandya

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