#AskJonty: Jonty Rhodes picks his favourite Indian cricketer and more


Former South African cricketer and arguably the best fielder in cricket history, Jonty Rhodes did a Q & A session with his fans on Twitter through Paytm’s Twitter account. Jonty is a very popular figure in India. He is the fielding coach of Mumbai Indians and this association has earned him many fans in India. Jonty himself has a very special connection in India and he has also named his daughter India. Fans asked many question about fielding and fitness and Rhodes gave very good answers to as many questions as he could.

Here are some of the questions Jonty Rhodes answered in his Q & A session with his fans:

Q: Who is your favorite Indian cricketer?

A: @ImRaina makes me smile when I watch him in the field; @imVkohli makes me shake my head when he bats – out of this world – J.R.

Q: Is there any Indian player who can actually match your fitness level/fielding skills?

A: @imVkohli is setting new benchmarks with his fitness attitude – and results on the field speaks for themselves – J.R

Q: Apart from all sort of workout for physical fitness, mental fitness is also required.Can doing yoga bring mind concentration.

A: Yoga does require mental discipline, so yes, very much so in my own workouts – J.R.

Q: How do you keep yourself so fit and energetic at your age ? Please share the secret !

A: Never tell people your real age – J.R.

Q: I want to know what should one do daily to stay fit these days as people are busy working in office or business

A: Fitness isn’t just about gym workout. Take stairs; ride bicycle; walk wherever possible. Stay away from sugar -J.R.

Q: What exercises should I do Prefer to keep myself fit n Energetic

A: I love doing yoga with my wife – great combination of cardio and core strength. Choices are endless – J.R.

Q: Looking at the injuries the players sustain, which factors do they need to emphasize on?

A: #AskJonty supplement their diets with protein and weight training for muscle strength – J.R.

Q: #AskJonty Good afternoon Sir, how can I increase my running speed strength & stamina.

A: #AskJonty speed requires explosive power, so leg workouts; stamina requires cardio – so a program that requires a combination of both – J.R.

Q: What is the ideal & healthy breakfast you’d suggest to stay agile? #AskJonty @paytm

A: #AskJonty the correct combination of protein; carbs n fats, usually depending on body type. – J.R.

Q: Do share your fitness advice that you’d give to an aspiring sportsperson? #AskJonty @paytm

A: #AskJonty the correct combination of protein; carbs n fats, usually depending on body type. – J.R.

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