At the moment being at home is my priority: Joe Root


England’s star batsman Joe Root will not participate in Indian Premier League 2017. Root said that IPL is a good tournament and a lot of good things would come from the IPL, but he wants to be with his family and spend time with his newborn son.

This is what Joe Root told British media: 

“It is a shame because there is a really good window in the international calendar to play. But looking at the schedule, especially next winter, I am going to be away for long periods,” Root told British media.

“This will be a great opportunity to spend time at home and watch (son) Alfred grow up a little bit. A lot of great things would come from the IPL, a lot of great experiences and I am sure it would help to improve my game.

“But at the moment being at home is my priority and I want to make sure I do not miss out on that. It is quite tough being away in these early days so it will be nice to catch up.”

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