VIDEO: Brad Hodge’s bat broke Peter Nevill’s jaw


Melbourne Renegades’ wicketkeeper Peter Nevill suffered a bizarre facial injury on Monday night’s Big Bash League (BBL) match after Brad Hodge’s bat went flying in the air and hit him on his face.

Peter Nevill burst a blood vessel in his face when Strikers captain Brad Hodge lost the grip of his bat and it went flying towards Nevill. He was immediately taken off the field with noticeable facial swelling. Later, Nevill was taken to hospital for X-rays, but the initial scans were inconclusive.

The Renegades said they would make further assessments on Nevill later in the week, adding he would not play on Friday but he had not been ruled out of the rest of the BBL at this stage.

Peter Nevill has been ruled out for the remaining of Big Bash League 2016-17 season. Watch Peter Nevill’s freak injury here:

VIDEO: Brad Hodge’s bat broke Peter Nevill’s jaw

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