VIDEO: Chris Gayle posts a shocking video of him and girlfriend dancing in a carnival

West Indies’ swashbuckling batsman and arguably the most destructive batsman in T20 cricket, Chris Gayle is enjoying the the Carnival held in St. Kitts. with his beautiful girlfriend Natasha Kerridge. Gayle, who is know for his flamboyance and colourful style of living, posted some videos on social media that took everyone by surprise.

Chris Gayle went to St. Kitts for the New Year’s eve but he is still there and partying. Firstly, Chris Gayle shared some fun photos which see the couple having a ball during the Ultra Carnival with Gayle looking his coolest and Natasha showing off her curves.

But. later, a video came out on the social media in which he is dancing in the most shocking manner with his girlfriend Natasha. One of the videos was uploaded by Dennis Does Cricket on Facebook. Watch it here:

VIDEO: Chris Gayle posts a shocking video of him and girlfriend dancing in a carnival

Note: The Cricket Lounge has no right on this video. It was embedded from  Dennis Does Cricket‘s Facebook page.

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