India vs Bangladesh 2017: WATCH! Was Mushfiqur Rahim out or not out?

Image source: (screen grab)

Image source: (screen grab)

Bangladesh’s skipper Mushfiqur Rahim made news for all the funny reasons on first 2 days of the ongoing one-off Test match between India and Bangladesh in Hyderabad. From making the most shocking DRS appeal to missing stumping and catches behind the stumps, almost everything went wrong for Mushfiqur Rahim.

On day 3 of the Test match, there was a very nervous moment for Rahim when there was a very close run-out close call. Bangladesh were struggling with four wickets down and Shakib Al Hasan played a stroke towards mid-off and ran for a quick single. Rahim, who was the non-striker’s end, was a little slow to react and had to put in a big dive to reach the crease. But, as he dived, his bat came inside the crease in time but as it was slanted, it later popped out giving the third-umpire a huge headache to make the call.

The third-umpire looked at it from many different angles and finally ruled it in favour of Mushfiqur Rahim. Watch it here and decide if it’s out or not out:

VIDEO: Was Mushfiqur Rahim out or not out?

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