10 Things That Have Changed Since MS Dhoni Made His Debut For India

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7) Social networking has shifted from Orkut to Facebook!


8) Virat Kohli’s rise from India’s U19 captain to India’s captain in all three formats of the game. 


9) From ‘Kodak Moment’ to ‘Selfie Queen’. Gone are those days when fathers used to line up kids during vacations and click a family photograph. Now all it needs a phone with a front camera and say cheeeeesse! 



10) Last but surely not the least, MS Dhoni has become a STAR like no other. As a captain, he has achieved everything he could. His fans are in millions and they all pray for him, for his game, his health. They just want to see him playing cricket and smashing sixes. During this period, Dhoni has taken Indian cricket to glory. There are haircuts named after him. Aspiring young cricketers want to be like him. Sachin Tendulkar said that he is the best captain. There are many things he has achieved in his long career, but one things that stands out is people’s love for him. LONG LIVE THAILAVA! 



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