5 Times MS Dhoni Proved He Is The Most Down To Earth Cricketer

MS Dhoni is one of the most down to earth cricketers. He has achieved almost every thing a cricketer can wish for. As India’s captain, Dhoni won almost every trophy in limited-overs cricket and took Indian cricket to the number 1 position in Test cricket.

Over the years, we have seen MS Dhoni strategise victories for India from behind the stumps and play unbelievable innings with the bat. In fact, many believe that MS Dhoni is the best finisher in One Day International (ODI) cricket history and also the most intelligent wicketkeeper ever. But when it comes to carrying himself off the field, Dhoni exemplifies simplicity. It is true that Dhoni has a big collection of cars and bikes but the way he treats his old friends and even ‘chaiwalas’ is something we all should learn from him.

In this post, we look at some of the instances when MS Dhoni showed that he is the most down to earth cricketer in India.

1) MS Dhoni getting a haircut from a local barber instead of a celebrity hair stylist


2) Recently, MS Dhoni traveled in a local train from Jharkhand to Kolkata with his Jharkhand teammates to play a Vijay Hazare Trophy match at eden gardens. 


3) Being a great leader that he is, MS Dhoni always stays away from the limelight and allows his teammates, specially the younger ones, to take the centerstage. 


Image source: Dawn

4) MS Dhoni not only hugged his old ‘chaiwala’ friend Thomas when he came to meet him but invited him for a grand dinner. This is a heartwarming story

Image source: rajnikantvscidjokes.in
Image source: rajnikantvscidjokes.in

5) A girl in Ranchi chased down Dhoni’s Hummer so that she could have a selfie with MSD. MS Dhoni not only stopped his grand Hummer car but also allowed his fan girl to take a selfie with him.


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