I am losing respect for Virat Kohli: Ian Healy


Former Australia wicketkeeper-batsman Ian Healy has said that pressure is staring to take its toll on Virat Kohli. After Virat Kohli got involved in heated exchanges with some of the Australian batsmen in the middle, Healey said that India’s captain’s behavior isn’t healthy and he needs to be more respectful.

Healy said that by continuing to disrespect Australian players, Kohli is only putting pressure on his players. Interestingly, Healy said that Virat Kohli is also insulting umpires. Now, this is something only Healy can explain.

This is what Ian Healy said:  

The pressure is starting to tell on (Kohli). I’m losing respect for him. He’s not only now continuing his disrespect of the Australian players and umpires, but I think he’s putting pressure on his own players now. You can read pressure all over Ravi Ashwin’s face. I think there’s massive cracks showing in (Kohli). He’s got to be a lot more respectful of his opponents. The stuff he did with Steve Smith was unacceptable.”

Ian Healy also tried to balance it up by praising kohl’s batting. 

“I’ve said in the past, he (Kohli) is the best batsman I’ve ever seen. His feistiness and real aggression towards the opposition has been good (in the past), especially when he was not captain. It would lead his team with him. They’re more timid than they look and they let on, the Indian cricketers.

“So Kohli’s aggression was good for them. But I think it’s not good for them anymore. He’s really putting some pressure on (his players). You can read pressure all over Ravi Ashwin’s face. I think there are massive cracks showing in (Kohli),” said Healy.

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