VIDEO: LOL! Subashish Roy gave us an early contender for the funniest moment of 2017

Featured image source: zee news.india.com

A very incident happened during the first Test of the ongoing series between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, when Bangladesh’s fast bowler Subashis Roy started celebrating celebrating the wicket of Kusal Mendis too early and later realised that the ball instead went for a six.

This happened in the 95th over when Kusal Mendis hooked a short ball bowled by Subashis Roy and it went towards fine leg where Mustafizur Rahman was stationed. The moment Subashis Roy saw the ball going towards Mustafizur he started celebrating thinking he has already got the wicket.

But, it became a little embarrassing for Subashis when Mustfizur Rahman couldn’t stop himself from stepping on the boundary rope after grabbing the ball.

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