Gautam Gambhir Reveals Why His Wife Did Not Attend The World Cup Final

gautam gambhir comeback new zealand

A World Cup final is as big as it gets in the sport of cricket. Any cricket fan out there, would like to attend it even if they have to travel to watch the game. But, it seems like Natasha (Gautam Gambhir’s wife) is not a big fan of the sport. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Gambhir reveals why his wife did not attend the World Cup Finals.

“I asked Natasha if she wanted to come for the World Cup Final match in Mumbai. She told me she’d let me know in two days. She bought more time to decide till the evening, and finally called back, asking: “Gautam, is this match that important?’ I said, ‘Nahi yaar, itna important toh nahi hai (laughs)’. Then she said, ‘Chhor na… kaun itna travel karke Mumbai tak aaega ek match dekhne ke liye (Leave it, who’d travel from Delhi to Mumbai just for a game!). And guess what? She didn’t come for the World Cup final,” he said.

It was possibly the biggest and most important match of his career as India were going against Sri Lanka at home! Eventually, India won the World Cup after 28 years and Gambhir played an instrumental role in the victory with his 97 run knock!



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