Supreme Court Announces Judgement On Criminal Case Against MS Dhoni


Supreme Court on Thursday quashed a criminal case against Mahendra Singh Dhoni in a case related to hurting religious sentiments. The case was related to Dhoni being portrayed as Lord Vishnu on the cover of a magazine.

The whole drama erupted when an edition of the Business Today magazine in April 2013 had shown Dhoni as Lord Vishnu with many hands holding, among other things, a shoe, in an article titled ‘The God of Big Deals’.

The honourable Supreme Court observed that there was no malicious intent on Dhoni’s part and it would be travesty of justice if he was prosecuted as he didn’t do anything with malicious intent.

Supreme Court had already quashed the case against him in Karnataka and Dhoni then moved the court to quash another FIR filed by a different person.

The Supreme Court had cancelled criminal proceedings against Dhoni in a case in Karnataka on September 5, 2016, that accused him of hurting religious sentiments by being featured as Lord Vishnu in a business magazine.