10 Most Controversial India-Pakistan Moments – Part 1

India Pakistan is one rivalry that is known for being intense and absolutely pulsating. There have been numerous moments where tensions have boiled over. Here are ten moments from India-Pakistan’s rivalry that have been controversial to say the least:

Bishen Singh Bedi conceding:

In the 1978-79 series, India was chasing a target of 206 against the Pakistanis to win the series. Being just 183-2 in 37 overs, they were in the driver’s seat, looking set to clinch the win. However, Sarfraz Nawaz bowled bouncers above the batsman continually and the umpire did not give a wide signal to even one. A frustrated Bedi conceded the match in anger and the entire nation was livid with the situation that the venue did not host another match again.

Stone pelting, Karachi, 1989:

In Sachin’s debut series, Manoj Prabhakar was in top form, seaming the ball in absurd directions and trapping Rameez Raja to open the floodgates. Kapil Deb and Salil Ankola joined the party and Pakistan was reduced to 28-3. The agitated Karachi crowd began pelting stones and the match had to be called off. Manoj Prabhakar’s figures of 5-2-5-3 had gone in vain and it was another exhibition of Pakistan’s poor crowd control.

Moonlight match, 1991. 

In a must-win match for Pakistan at Sharjah, they posted a brilliant 257 in their 50 overs. The Indians came all guns blazing with Kambli and Shastri scoring 147 for the first wicket.  Sachin and Manjrekar managed to keep the score afloat while the lights were getting dimmer. Despite complaints, the umpires let the match go on and Pakistan managed to win by 4 runs in the last over – much to the dismay of the Indians.

Frog Miandad, 1992:

In the first World Cup match between the two heavyweights, Kiran More managed to get under the skin of the legendary Pakistan batsman. Things finally reached a boiling point when More dislodged the bails even when Miandad was in the crease that the batsman started jumping like a frog. The incident is a legendary World Cup moment that has managed to bring a laugh to many fans today despite it being a tense situation back then.

Inzamam ki Aloo, 1997:

In the Sahara Cup tournament between the two teams, fans were heckling players on the field –making racist comments on Indian player Mohanty and poking fun at Azharuddin for divorcing his wife to marry actress Sangeeta Bijlani.

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