4 Reasons Why Rohit Sharma Is Called The Hitman!

One of the most talented batsmen in the Indian team as well as worldwide is Rohit Sharma. The Mumbai batsman is known for his flamboyant style of batting and exquisite timing of the ball. He is someone who can take the game to the opposition and win a game from any situation for the team. Here are five other reasons that Rohit Sharma is called the Hitman of cricket:

1. His ability to pick the length:


Rohit Sharma was always known for his stroke play but it is his talent and ability to pick the length of any delivery well that sets him apart.

The fastest bowlers in the world have been taken apart by Sharma and this has proved to be a huge advantage for whichever team he has played for especially while opening for the team. Bowlers are left clueless and this allows the team to begin well and pile on the runs.

2. Only batsman who has 2 double-centuries:


Hitting a century in ODI cricket is quite a tough task but not for Rohit Sharma. The Mumbaikar has hit two, yes two, double centuries for India and is the only batsman in the history of the game to do so. His high score of 264 against the Sri Lankans will take some beating in addition to his 209 against the Australians. He still has a lot of cricket left in him and could probably score more.

3. His incredible fielding:


Sharma is also a superb fielder and this gives him the edge as a cricketer. He is placed in some of the most important fielding positions on the field and batsman have to think twice before hitting the ball towards him. His agility is excellent and it isn’t easy trying to get the ball past the Hitman. Sharma has taken some blinders during his time at Mumbai Indians and the Indian team.

4. Ability to bat anywhere:


Rohit Sharma started off as a middle-order batsman and did decently well. He could anchor an innings and make sure that the team finished well. He has played some memorable knocks for the country in the middle order – most of them in the beginning of his career.

 However, he showed his class and temperament when asked to open and managed to cement his spot in India’s limited overs squad as an attacking batsman who could destroy any opposition’s attack on a good day.

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