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5 Unorthodox Shots Invented By Modern Day Cricketers

World cricket has come a long way and just like with any sport, there have been plenty of innovations in the game. Both with the bat and ball, individuals have come and added a little bit of glamour in terms of the shots that they play.

Limited overs are one of the main formats where one gets to see some of the most ridiculous and outrageous shots. Here are five of the most unorthodox shots played by cricketers around the world:

  • MS Dhoni (Helicopter shot)

MS Dhoni also known as Captain Cool is popular due to his explosive batting and quick wicket-keeping. He’s also an astute captain who has won everything there is to win in the game. However, one of the factors that propelled Dhoni to fame was the Helicopter shot.

Dhoni is credited for having invented the shot where any ball bowled at Yorker or near full length would get dispatched for a six. It involves tremendous arm power and quick hands – both of which Dhoni has. He has played the shot multiple times and won hearts all over.

  • Virender Sehwag (Upper cut)

The Indian opening batsman was known for his attacking style of play right from the onset. One of his most popular shots was the upper cut above third man to any short ball. This shot helped Sehwag wreak havoc on fast bowlers in the first few overs.

Any short ball bowled was cut away for six and this reduced the options for the bowlers to bowl to. By applying pressure on the bowlers, Sehwag was able to psychologically deflate them and continue playing his shots.

  • Kevin Pietersen (Switch-Hit)

Kevin Pietersen was one of the most talented batsmen to play for the England squad. His sound technique coupled with the ability to play versatile shots set him apart from the rest.

One of the most popular shots in world cricket was invented by KP. The switch-hit, where the batsman would switch his stance from a right hander to a left hander just before the ball was played would confuse bowlers and batsman could exploit areas that were not covered. Now, David Warner and Glenn Maxwell have taken the shot but it wouldn’t have been possible without the England batsman.

  • T. Dilshan (Dilscoop)

The Dilscoop was a popular shot invented by Tillakaratne Dilshan and is one shot that is almost impossible to defend. The batsman would bend over and scoop the ball behind the wicket-keeper. The ball would go for a six or a four in an area where there was absolutely no one.

  • AB de Villiers (Reverse Scoop)

The shot that earned AB De Villiers the title of “Mr.360,” it involves switching hands and reverse scooping over what is a third man for a right hander. The shot requires a lot of skill and hand-eye co-ordination but De Villiers being the batsman that he is, plays it with ease.

Most of these batsmen earned his reputation as one of the most talented batsman across all formats but its shots like these that set them apart from the rest.

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