Brendon McCullum Revealed His IPL Salary. And This Is How Kevin Pietersen Reacted!


New Zealand’s leading website reported that Brendon McCullum was one of the costliest buys of Indian Premier League 2017. Stuff.co.nz reported McCullum was paid $1.67m NZD for the season. But, McCullum, who is active on Twitter these days, was quick to respond and he corrected the figure.

“I was on $700k NZD  not $1.67m NZD. I would have a bigger mower if that was the case,” Brendon McCullum wrote on his Twitter account. 

McCullum further clarified that his pay is same as it was in Chennai Super Kings but there is overall deduction in the salary.

“I get what i was on @ChennaiIPL. Yes i was bought for 7.5 crore but i dont get that. It was a salary cap deduction only,” McCullum clarified.


Soon, Kevin Pietersen, who is a part of commentary’s team in IPL 2017, jumped in the thread and said that soon McCullum will join him and others in the commentary box, where he will get paid more.

“Soon you’ll be with us in the comm box bud. Get lots more in there & don’t sweat,” Kevin Pietersen wrote. 


McCullum agreed with KP  and wrote: “Ahahahaha. Better pay, no pressure and finally i will average 50 in Test Cricket! Will be sweet as bro!! Haha”

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