Sachin Tendulkar Reveals Secret Behind ‘Sachin Sachin’ Chant

Millions of Sachin Tendulkar fans in India and across the world are desperately waiting for his biopic ‘Sachin: The Film’. The trailer of Sachi’s biopic was released last month and it created a storm among Tendulkar fans.


Recently, on the occasion of the release of second song of his biopic, the Little Master spoke about the chant that defines his long playing career.

Sachin said that he never thought people will chant ‘Sachin Sachin’ even after his retirement.

“I never thought ‘Sachin Sachin’ (chant) would continue beyond my playing days. It has now gone to the theatres. So I feel happy,” Tendulkar said.

Sachin added that this chant was fans way of showing their love and support to him. Talking about the ‘Sachin Sachin’ anthem, the Master Blaster added that he admires the way legendary music composer AR Rahman has created the anthem.

“The chants were my supporters’ way of showing their love. I have been inspired by their chant and it has helped me face difficult situations on the field knowing that I have the country with me. I admire the way that Rahman has created an inspirational anthem around this chant,” he added.


Finally, Sachin revealed who started this legendary chant.

“My mother started it actually. I used to go play downstairs and to call me back home, mother would call ‘Sachin Sachin’,” Tendulkar said, when he was asked about the time he first heard the chant.

Yes, it was none other than legend’s mother!

Watch ‘Sachin Sachin’ anthem here: