These 5 GIFs Show That Virat Kohli Is Pure Class

Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen in world cricket, in all three formats of the game. His ability to adjust his game according to the need, makes him a very difficult batsman to bowl at. In the last 4-5 years, he has worked extremely hard on his game and he is one of the most consistent batsmen in world cricket.

In the 3 years or so, irrespective of the format, Kohli has been the spearhead of India’s batting unit. He has played some spectacular match-winnings knocks for India.

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In this post, we have for you some of Virat’s best strokes in GIF form. Check them out here:


He steps down the wicket in his trademark style and lofts it over the in-field for a boundary. Sometimes, Virat can make batting look ridiculously easy. This isn’t a shot to play but see how see he makes it look here:


Even Lasith Malinga would agree that very batsmen in world cricket have played him with as much as Virat Kohli. Malinga’s biggest strength is to bowl toe-crushing yorkers. And see how easily Kohli goes back into his crease and flicks it for a four. 

These two stroke by Virat Kohli off Mitchell Johnson are absolute treat to watch. 

And when he gets going, even mishits travel a mile. 

And, we will leave you with the most amazing shot Virat Kohli has ever hit. 

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