These Funny Cricket GIFs Will Make Your Monday Entertaining

GIFs are the easiest way to enjoy sporting moments. Waiting for videos to load and buffer is one of the most annoying things in the world. And it consumes a lot of our mobile data, too. So, to make your experience easier and better, we, at The Cricket Lounge, keep sharing funny cricket GIFs with you.

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In this post, The Cricket Lounge’s Tahan Bajaj, lists some of the funniest moments converted into GIFs. Check them out here:

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Suresh Raina goes Billy’s way!

Poor ballboy couldn’t resist the temptation. He made a mess of Andre Russell’s effort, who did his best to reach the ball and save it by his foot.

Well, this will make you laugh if you are having a bad day.

Mike Hussey was a great fielder during his playing days. But, he made an absolute mess of this one. Well, we don’t mind because it was hilarious to watch Mr Cricket waiting for the ball and finally putting it down.

We have seen many wardrobe malfunctions on a cricket field but this one is our favourite. The fact that fielder didn’t pull his pants and threw the ball first, shows his dedication.

That was a narrow escape for Virat Kohli. It is hard to understand how that bat didn’t touch any part of the stumps. Well, as they say, fortune favours the brave.

Yes, this really happened during an ODI match between West Indies and Australia.


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