10 Gentlemen Of The Gentleman’s Game

The Gentlleman’s game, cricket has seen a lot of players who played the game with grace and class. Today, there is more aggression to the game but there are some who still come out of every encounter unscathed. Here are 10 gentlemen playing in the Champions Trophy:

Eoin Morgan


Despite being an aggressive batsman himself, Eoin Morgan is soft-spoken and a gentleman off of it. He is soft-spoken and really encourages his team. He also has the ability to lead from front and shoulder responsibility when required.

MS Dhoni


Dhoni is one of the greatest batsmen off all time and he has led his teams to all the trophies that are there to win. Dhoni’s popularity lies in the fact that he remains calm no matter what the situation is and is above aggression or sledging of any form.

AB De Villiers


One of the best batsmen to have graced the game, De Villiers is someone who is classy both on and off it. He has a fun-loving attitude and is always smiling. Fans love De Villiers all over the world as he represents his country in the right manner.

Hashim Amla


Another one who is well respected all over the world is another South African – Hashim Amla. Amla is a great batsman and is very subdued and gentle off it. He has the respect of the entire cricketing fraternity thanks to his nature.

Kane Williamson


Williamson is another batsman who has class written all over him. He has the ability to rip apart bowlers yet remain humble and quiet off the pitch. Williamson is one player who the opponents have always had only good things to say.

Ajinkya Rahane

The ever-smiling and pleasant Ajinkya Rahane is another player who represents the country with true class and grace. He is an excellent batsman yet has the ability to play the game in the right spirit and earn the respect of fans all over.

Shakib Al Hasan

shakib al hasan ban

One of the few Bangladeshis who have risen above an otherwise mediocre level, Shakib is one player who is loved by fans all over the world. His popularity in Kolkata is testament to the fact that nice guys finish first.

Nathan Coulter-Nile


A player who is completely opposite when it comes to the general aggression that the Australians display, Coulter-Nile is one player who can bowl exceptionally well and yet get respected thanks to his calm nature.

Angelo Mathews


The Sri Lankan captain is one player who is very calm and leads his side by example. An excellent fielder and a useful batsmen, Mathews represents his country in the highest form with class and talent.

Sarfaraz Khan


A player who is well-spoken and liked by all, Sarfaraz is one of the senior members of the Pakistani team. The wicketkeeper is a good choice for captain and is someone who can herald his side very well in any situation.

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