5 Cricketers Who Couldn’t Give Up Smoking

The game of cricket is one that demands a certain amount of fitness and discipline from the players who are involved. Cricketers nowadays follow very strict fitness routines which they cannot deviate from, thus allowing them to turn up at peak form for every game. However the current fitness trend that runs in teams is far away from the ethos of the 60’s and 70s, where smoking was commonplace and players would have a puff in between.

Ian Botham:


One of the most legendary English all-rounders to have played the game, Ian Botham was also a smoker who never hid the fact. He would puff one before and sometimes even during the game. However, this did not sit well with the Board and he was banned for two months.

Wasim Akram:


The classic left-arm fast bowler from Pakistan always advocated good health and fitness to his fans but was caught red-handed enjoying a smoke once in a while. Akram however, smoked only post his career as a cricketer.

Shane Warne:


The Australian legend is another one who always had problems with fitness during his time with the team. Warne embodied the smoking culture in the best way and there have been multiple occasions of him caught with a smoke in his hand.

Herschelle Gibbs:


The South African batsman, who was never really far away from any controversy throughout his career, has admitted to living the party life a little too much. Gibbs was caught enjoying a cigarette in the post-match celebrations against the West Indies in 2011.

Chris Gayle:


If you are genetically as blessed as Chris Gayle, then a couple of cigarettes would not really harm you. Gayle has been pictured on numerous occasions, partying and smoking away to glory. Not the best role model for your kids in all honesty.


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