5 Sex Scandals From The Cricket World That Shocked Everyone

It’s no hidden fact that cricketers get involved in a lot of “extra-curricular” activities off the field. Here are some of the craziest sex scandals to have hit the game:

Shane Warne:


The Australian spin legend has been involved in more than just one scandal in the past.  In 2005, he was accused of harassing British nurse Donna Wright after which he got naughty with two models while representing Hampshire in the English county league.  He was also caught in 2006 having fun with a Melbourne stripper and then kissing his then girlfriend Liz Hurley in public. Warne has lived quite the life as a cricketer and his track record is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Chris Gayle:


That Chris Gayle is quite the womanizer is a known fact. Back in the T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka in 2012, Gayle was caught “socializing” with three British women in his hotel room. Only when his bodyguards intervened, was he able to get away from what would have been a scandal. Gayle also gave a glimpse of his flirty nature in public when he asked Mel McLaughlin not to blush and asked her out on live television. He also boasted of a “big bat” during an interview with the Times magazine.

Herschelle Gibbs:


A player that had to be featured, Herschelle Gibbs is known to have courted controversy regarding his personal life more than once.  He gave everyone an account of his sex life in his autobiography, To The Point where he mentions that the night before the crucial match against Australia in the 1999 World Cup was incredible. He talks about the girl he met before the game and how she inspired him to get a century. He claimed that he had an unforgettable night and she was his lucky charm.

Daryl Tuffey:


The New Zealand fast bowler, Daryl Tuffey was once accused of having had sex with a Christchurch sales representative. He was caught in the act after having being filmed by two British tourists. As soon as the news broke out however, the duo went into hiding and the news never really broke into something really big.

Asad Rauf:


The Pakistani umpire and member of the Elite panel of umpires, Asad Rauf was in hot water when he was accused by model Leena Kapoor of having an affair.  She claimed that Rauf had sexually exploited her and promised to get married. Rauf was having none of it however, and claimed that he was happily married with two children and would not get into something of this sort at any cost.  Who knows?

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