7 Witty Pieces Of Commentary That You Need To Read


1) When ‘over smart’ Sir Geoffrey Boycott was shown his place by Harsha Bhogle 

Geoffrey Boycott once said “Sachin may be a great batsman but he never got his name at the Lord’s honor board.” 

Harsha Bhogle responded “So whose loss is it, Sachin’s or the honor boards’?”

2) When Sourav ‘DADA’ Ganguly destroyed Sir Geoffrey Boycott 

Sanjay Manjrekar about Saurav Ganguly : “….all this man says and analyses is directly related to the experience of playing 15 years at the international level…..”

Boycott : “You must mention his experience about playing against England and
also that Natwest Trophy Final….oh….taking his jersey off and flying it in the air at the Mecca of Cricket!!! Ohhh, you naughty boy!!”

Ganguly : (Imitating Boycott’s accent) “One of your boys also took off his jersey here in Mumbai!”

Boycott : “Yeah, but Lord’s is the Mecca of Cricket!!!”

Saurav Ganguly : “Lord’s is your Mecca, and Wankhede is ours!!!!”

3) When Harsha Bhogle reminded Sachin that he ‘God of Cricket’ 

Sachin : “Brilliant ball from Bhajji, from where I am sitting I think it was a wrong ’un. Perfectly bowled, because it tempted him to play against the spin. And he is also beaten by the bounce, I feel. I haven’t seen the replay, but from where I am sitting I think he is also beaten by the bounce.”

A bemused Bhogle could only respond, “Don’t worry, replays are for mere mortals like us.”

4) When Rahul ‘THE WALL’ Dravid reminded Nasser Hussain of a “rule” that England cricket would want to break. 

Nasser Hussain: Have your boys peaked too early, Rahul?
Rahul Dravid: Better to peak early than not peak at all. You have to peak early to make the quarters actually. That’s sort of the rule of the tournament.

Shane Warne, who was also in the commentary box, joined them.

Warne: You expected that answer, didn’t you Nasser ?
Nasser: From you maybe, not from the nicest man  in world cricket.
Rahul: I was sledged all along in the last commentary stint in about 2007, just itching to give it back. Sorry Nasser.

5) A polite reminder by Harsha Bhogle 

Michael Atherton: “It is England, but India has more support in the stadium and the pitch is completely assisting your spinners. Says a lot about our hospitality, right?”

Harsha Bogle : “Well.. We let you rule our nation for many years. I believe that’s the least you can do for us.”

6) When DADA reminded Ravi Shastri why he is called the ‘KING OF KOLKATA’

Ravi Shastri: “Now tell me, in Eden Gardens shouldn’t there be a Sourav Dada Ganguly Stand?”

Dada smiled and said: “The Entire Ground Belongs to me Ravi”.

7) Harsha Bhogle on Misbah-ul-Haq

 “I find this criticism of misbah very strange, its like a family of ten complaining that the sole breadwinner is not doing enough.”


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