Do You Think Virat Kohli Is Arrogant? Ok, Watch This Video!


Virat Kohli is one of the most popular cricketers in the world. He is a very aggressive cricketer who doesn’t believe in backing off from any opportunity or challenge that comes his way on a cricket field. He wears his heart on his sleeves and gives his best every time he steps on the field.

Kohli is a new generation Indian cricketer who likes fighting fire with fire. Not long ago, Indian cricketers were known for their disciplined and gentlemanly conduct on the field. They, very rarely, used to get involved in sledging and believed only in replying through their bat and ball. But, Kohli doesn’t believe in that. He plays a very aggressive brand of cricket and answers sledging with even better sledging when the opposition cricketers try to cross the line.


Because of his aggressive style and never say die attitude, many cricketer fans believe that he is arrogant and doesn’t respect the opposition. And, if you are one of them, you need to watch the video shared below. It might change your views towards the great man. Watch it here:

 Do You Think Virat Kohli Is Arrogant? Ok, Watch This Video!

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