GIF: Alastair Cook Takes A ‘Life-Saving’ Catch

Alastair Cook is England’s best Test batsmen and one of the best in the history of the game. Cook made his debut at a very young age and now he is the most prolific run-getter for England in the longest format of the game. Over the years, we have seen Cook play some of the best Test innings for England at the top of the order.

He is technically very strong, and this is the reason why he has been able to score lots of runs in almost every Test playing nation. Unlike most of the English batsmen, Cook has a technique which is perfectly suited for all kinds of playing conditions; spin, bouncy, swinging, seaming.

However, this article isn’t about Alastair Cook’s extraordinary achievements on the field. It’s about a freakish catch that former England captain took to avoid an accident. Alastair Cook is used to facing bowlers delivering the ball towards him at over 90 mph, and this has improved his reflexes. Cook is also a brilliant slip fielder. So, we don’t have too many doubts about his reflexes.

But his latest bit of skill, which he showed during an interview, has left many astonished.

While giving an interview to an Essex reporter about the day’s proceedings, Alastair Cook saw a ball coming towards the reported, who had his back towards the ball, at very fast speed. Cook, who had one eye on the practice that was going in the background, reacted very promptly and took one of the most ‘important’ catches of his life.

The ball was hit extremely hard and it was coming towards the reported and could have hit him on the back of his head, had Alastair Cook not shown such reflexes and taken a brilliant ‘life-saving’ catch. Watch it here:

GIF: Alastair Cook Takes A ‘Life-Saving’ Catch 

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