GIF: MS Dhoni’s Slowest Stumping Ever

We all know that India’s wicketkeeper is one of the smartest stumpers in the history of the game. Dhoni has a great vision and he very rarely misses a chance behind the stumps. In fact, he creates chances from nowhere and helps Indian cricket team by taking wicket purely because of his masterclass behind the stumps. 

However, in the second ODI of the ongoing 5-match series between West Indies and India, MS Dhoni surprised us with a ‘slow’ stumping. Usually, when we talk about Dhoni as a wicketkeeper, we talk about his lightning fast speed and out-of-the-box ideas to dismiss opposition batters.

West Indies captain Jason Holder came down the pitch to go for a lofted shot, but misread the delivery by India’s young chinaman Kuldeep Yadav.

Kuldeep bowled a brilliantly flighted delivery that invited Holder to come down the wicket, and the big West Indian accepted the invitation. But, using his magical wrists, Yadav outfoxed Holder and MS Dhoni stumped in the most stylish manner.

Dhoni, who usually takes no time in whipping the bails off, swung his hands in ultra slow motion and teased Holder who was miles out and looking behind at India’s most successful wicketkeeper-batsman. Watch it here:

GIF: MS Dhoni Creates ‘The Slowest Stumping Ever’ Record

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