Know The Truth Behind Hardik Pandya’s ‘Viral’ Tweet


It is not easy to verify that breaks on social media. Earlier today, we reported a tweet that went viral after last night’s match between India and Pakistan. Hardik Pandya played a brilliant cameo in the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017, but got out in the most unfortunate manner.

Moments after the presentation ceremony, Hardik Pandya came on Twitter an retweeted some tweets. At the same time, a screenshot of a photoshopped tweet went viral on Twitter. In no time, a fake screenshot posted by @vanillawallah got over 600 retweets and equal number of likes.

The guy who posted that fake photoshopped screenshot later his tweet when Hardik Pandya informed that he didn’t post anything like that and it was photoshopped.

Here is the screenshot of that photoshopped tweet:


The real story: 

Hardik Pandya spoke to and revealed that it was a fake photoshopped tweet.  Basically, that Twitter user had used F12 i.e. a key which can be used to fetch developer tool in Google Chrome bar, which allows to edit the tweet and he used it to promote a fake tweet, which was later picked by many cricket website including us.

We, at The Cricket Lounge, apologise for sharing the fake tweet with you. 

Here is what Hardik Pandya actually tweeted on Monday for Indian cricket fans: