Open Letter To Robin Uthappa From An Indian Cricket Fan


Hello Robin,

Hope you’re well after a good IPL season.  You’ve really come into your own ever since you moved to the KKR and it’s really nice to see the way you’ve grown since you joined the team.  You’re one of those cricketers who are universally liked thanks to your fun demeanour and general style of play on the field. Please don’t replace that aspect of your game and personality for anything else.

The game has enough aggressors and someone who breaks that mould is always refreshing to see.

We all know how disappointed you are for having lost out on a spot in the Champions Trophy squad. It would have been nice to see you playing. It’s actually been a while since we saw you last. Let’s remember the best times of your career representing India.


Firstly, the series against England back in 2007. How can we ever forget the time you stepped out of your crease in the 6th ODI and whacked boundaries at will. It’s really heartening that thinking of times such as those still evoke a smile in every true blue Indian fan.

Then there was the T20 World Cup. The inaugural one. The one that bought a whole new legion of young fans to support the team. That was a good one for you too. We remember the first ODI against Pakistan where you hit a crucial 50 to let us get to a good score. Even the run out in the final isn’t something we’d forget in a hurry.

Just remember those good times, Robin and persevere. We believe in you and are sure that you can rise once again and have a year or two back in the national squad. If not, don’t for a moment think that we’d forget someone like you and your contribution to the game.


Till then, keep it real Robbie! Ciao!

Your fan, now and forever.

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