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Rating India’s Successful Captains In The Last 20 Years

The Indian Cricket team has had a glorious few years in the international arena, proving their worth amongst the biggest of opponents. There have been plenty of distinguished men who have helped take the team to newer heights. Here, we rate all the Indian captains from the last 20 years:

Mohd. Azharuddin (7/10)

Before he was tainted in the match-fixing scandal, Mohammad Azharuddin was one of India’s best players. He had hit over 9000 ODI runs and was just one short of 100 Test matches. Though he will not be fondly remembered, Azharuddin did have a decent record as India’s captain. Considering his Test record, he won 14 and lost 14 matches as a captain.

Azharuddin was known better as a destructive batsman who could frustrate opponents with his batting. He had a win percentage just below 30%.

Sourav Ganguly (8.5/10)

Ganguly was the one captain that really made a difference to the way India played the game. No longer were Indians not up for a challenge and once he took over, they were more potent. As a team, Ganguly was able to command respect from his teammates and his opponents. Ganguly also took the team to the World Cup Final in 2003 where they lost out to Australia.

As a Test captain, Ganguly had a win percentage of 42.85%, which is one of the best in the history of Indian cricket.

Rahul Dravid (7.5/10)

The Wall was the Indian captain for some time from 2003 in Ganguly’s absence and full-time post 2004-05. Dravid was a good captain and was able to brood some young blood in the team. The likes of Dhoni and Raina were able to play regularly under Dravid.

Dravid had a test record percentage of 32% and 56% in ODIs. He also led the team to a historic series win in England.

Anil Kumble (6.5/10)

For a while after Dravid relinquished the captaincy, Anil Kumble took over the mantle. He was involved in the very controversial India tour to Australia where there were allegations of racism and cheating. Kumble was a good captain who led the team well in his twilight years before calling it a day.

Kumble was also the test captain only as he had not played limited overs cricket in a long time before retiring.

MS Dhoni (9.5/10) 

Indian cricket’s most successful and loved captain ever, MS Dhoni resigned with a win percentage of 45% in Tests after 60 games and close to a whopping 60% in ODIs. Dhoni also had international success in all forms – He led India to number one in Tests and won everything possible in limited overs cricket – The T20 World Cup, The Champions Trophy and The World Cup.

He is one captain who was able to exude a winning mentality into his players as well as finish innings on his own many times.

Virat Kohli (9/10)

Still relatively new to the role, Kohli has a very good record. Albeit most of the Tests he has played have come at home, his record of 76% in ODIs and 61.52% in Tests show that he is up for the task.

Time will tell how Kohli will perform in the role but for now, Indian cricket looks in safe hands.

By Rohit Nair

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