This Indian Cricketer’s Bat Was Sold For £100,000


How much would you spend to get a bat by Dhoni? The Indian captain is someone who is loved by fans all over the world and is still one of the most marketable athletes. However, did you also know that he holds another record off the field? That’s right. MS Dhoni’s bat is the highest ever auctioned bat. Any guesses as to which bat?

The obvious choice – The one he used in the World Cup Final in 2011. Dhoni hit 91 not out of 78 balls in that final in the Wankhede. The match is remembered for the way Dhoni finished the game off with a huge six and won India the World Cup after close to 28 years.


The bat was then auctioned and purchased for a cool £100,000 ($161,295) by  RK Global Shares and Security. At the MS Dhoni “East meets West” Charity Dinner back on 18th July, 2011.

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