Champions Trophy 2017

UNSEEN VIDEO: Indian Cricket Fans Trolling Pakistan Cricket Fans In England


India vs Pakistan is one of the greatest rivalries in cricket. Over the years, we have seen some of the unforgettable cricket matches between the arch-rivals. India and Pakistan have a history other than sport, but whenever both the nations play cricket, it is only about cricket. Fans from both the nations leave everything aside on match days and just watch it hoping that their team will win the match and the entire nation will celebrate.

India and Pakistan will be up against each other in the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Both the teams have played well in the tournament and earned their place in the all important final. In their opening match of the tournament, India outplayed Pakistan in all three departments of the game and registered a thumping win. It was one of the most one-sided matches in the history of India vs Pakistan cricket.

While the fans in BLUE celebrated with dhol and dance, it was a day to forget for the fans in GREEN. 


But, since that match, Pakistan cricket team has regrouped and showed a drastic improvement in the rest of the matches. Pakistan have a history of doing well in the ICC tournaments but nobody thought, after their first match, that they would make it to the final of iCC Champions Trophy 2017l. But, being the unpredictable unit that Pakistan is, they defied all odds and played some very good cricket to qualify for the final of Champions Trophy 2017.

But, they will be pumped for the big and their fans would hope for a better performance. However, Team India is looking much solid on paper and it would take every bit of what Pakistani cricketers have to beat them. On the eve of the all important final, we have this fan video of Indian cricket fans trolling their counterparts by dancing and singing mauka mauka on the streets of London. Indian cricket fans also stopped the bus ride organised by Stani Amry, but it was all in good spirit. Watch it here:

UNSEEN VIDEO: Indian Cricket Fans Trolling Pakistan Cricket Fans In England


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