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VIDEO: Pakistan’s Reply To India’s ‘Mauka Mauka’


Since ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Indian cricket fans have been teasing Pakistani cricket fans with ‘mauka mauka’ before every India vs Pakistan game. ‘Mauka mauka’ was an advertisement launched by Star Sports India during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

In the last 10 years, Indian cricket team has got better of their arch-rivals and this has allowed their fans to troll their counterparts. But, with this thumping win, Pakistani cricketers have given their fans a chance to have a go at Indians. And, the fans aren’t letting this chance go begging.

mauka mauka

A Pakistan-based Youtube channel tZ’s RandomVideos  have come up with a ‘no issue lelo tissue’ video to counter India’s ‘mauka mauka’ chant. We, at The Cricket Lounge, do not endorse such videos. These videos are for entertainment and should be taken in right spirit.

VIDEO: Pakistan’s Reply To India’s ‘Mauka Mauka’

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