Virat Kohli Breaks His Silence On Anil Kumble’s Resignation


Indian captain Virat Kohli has finally spoke on Anil Kumble’s decision to resign as Indian Cricket Team’s head coach. Speaking to media in the pre-match press conference in Trinidad, Kohli said that players respect Anil Kumble and his decision.

“Obviously Anil bhai has expressed his views and he has taken a decision to step out and we will respect that decision. It’s something that has happened right after the tournament,” Kohli said.

“(But) what happens in the dressing room is sacred and private,” alluding to the comments made by Kumble. “It is important to maintain the sanctity of the dressing room,” he further added.

“One thing for sure is that I have had 11 press conferences that have happened during the Champions Trophy. We have created a culture over the last 3-4 years that whatever happens in the change room, we have tried to maintain the sanctity of the change room throughout. That is what the whole team believes in. For us that is paramount,” the Indian captain added.