5 Reasons Why Rohit Sharma’s Selection In The Test Squad Is A Good Thing

Rohit Sharma, or ‘hit’man as they call him has, in the last 3-4 years grown into one of the best opening batsmen in limited cricket, forming a swashbuckling partnership with southpaw Shikhar Dhawan, and has alongside also staked a claim to a place in the middle order of the Test team. He has managed some big scores and has even managed to score a couple of hundred while batting with the tail, due to his position in the batting order. Here are 5 reasons why his selection in the Test squad for the Sri Lanka series is a good decision by the BCCI selectors:

1. Flexibility in the batting order 

Rohit Sharma, as proven, is a great opening batsman in the shorter formats, and has played well lower down the order in Test cricket. This allows Virat Kohli an amount of flexibility, as he can ask Rohit Sharma to bat at different positions in the batting order, based on the situation and based on the current need. This makes Rohit Sharma a great utility for the captain during tough Test matches.

2.  Ability to play fast bowlers

Due to his experience opening the batting, Rohit Sharma has grown accustomed not only to the shiny white new ball, but also the pace bowlers. He has shown a liking for pace bowling, and has the ability to absorb pressure for a long period of time before unleashing on the fast bowlers. He is always ready for the loose delivery and puts them away with classic disdain.

3.  Good Fielder 

He is part of India’s new generation of fielders. He has been known to take some absolute blinders in close catching positions, and is a great in fielder overall. He is a quick thinking fielder, who wastes no time in getting to the ball and releasing it. He also has a decent throwing arm. He is a quick out field option also.

 4.  Ability to play the short ball

Rohit Sharma’s best two shots have to be his cover drive and his hook/pull, both which he plays with extreme artistry, control and power. The hook shot is something he has employed against a lot of fast bowlers in the past, and is a go to weapon for a lot of fast bowlers in the Test circuit. His ability to defend and attack in equal measure against the short ball will serve him very well in long innings in Test cricket.

5.  Counter-attacking ability 

Rohit Sharma is one of the game’s best stroke players today, and once he gets into the groove, there’s few bowlers who can stop him. This serves India very well in the longer format, because he is a batsman who, once has settled in and taken his time can begin to go on the offensive and take the bowlers to task quite brutally and meticulously with exemplary stroke play and very little pinch hitting.


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