7 Biggest Challenges For Team India’s New Coach Ravi Shastri

ravi 1

1. Re-instill a sense of belief

The Indian team, while having conquered great heights in the last 7-8 years has also had it’s share of downs. Certain losses in bug tournaments like the one to the West Indies in the T20 World Cup and Pakistan in the Champions Trophy have left some heads dropping. Ravi Shastri must be able to pick those dropped shoulders up.

2.   Keep the fielding standards high

Ever since the advent of MS Dhoni as Captain, the fielding of the Indian team has improved greatly. The current fielding unit is arguably one of the best in the world, and Ravi Shastri must be able to maintain that.

3.   Decide on the futures of MSD and Yuvraj Singh

One of the most important things he has to do is take the decision on these 2 stalwarts. He has to decide whether keeping them in the team till the World Cup is feasible or not, and if he does, how does he handle both of them, when it comes to fitness.

4.   Motivate the youngsters

The young generation of India is the future of Indian cricket. The BCCI is consciously taking an effort to field the youngsters, giving them more important roles. Ravi Shastri must back this trend, and encourage the younger generation of Indian cricketers.


5.   Find a formula 

The Indian cricket team looks at it’s best when it’s playing on a formula that works for them. It seems to buoy them on, and push them to further limits. If Ravi Shastri can find a formula like that, the team will start to believe in their own abilities a lot more.

6.   Back the team 100% 

The Indian team has arguably the largest fan base in world cricket, and there are bound to be detractors and haters. Ravi Shastri, having been re-appointed, must stick with the team through storm and strife.

7.   Get Virat Kohli going again 

Virat Kohli can reach an optimum level that has rarely been witnessed in cricket before. The various administrative issues that occur for a captain tend to hinder his progress as a player. If Ravi Shastri can ease Kohli through those processes and get him focused on his batting again, Kohli can become the beast we all know him to be.

By Aravind Harish