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Here Is How A 10 Year Old Fan Of Smriti Mandhana Won The Hearts Of Twitteratis


Indian Women Cricket Team’s most exciting batter, Smriti Madhana, is one of the most talked about personalities of India on social media. Mandhana’s stunning form in the ongoing ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup has been a hot topic of discussion on social networking websites.


The Mumbaikar has quickly become the heart rob of fans back home by scoring big runs in the ICC event.

Recently, a Twitter account named “Ladies Who League” posted a very interesting fan story of Smriti Madhana’s 10-year old fan and revealed how a 10-year old girl left everyone speechless in a sports-apparel store. Yes, that’s right!

A little girl asked the staff of the store to customise the jersey of the Indian cricket team and write “Mandhana” on its back.

Ladies Who League‏ shared the post with caption, “This is how the #WWC2017 is changing the world.”

The post reads: “The Women’s World Cup (Cricket) is being broadcast and I had the opportunity to witness how it is making a small but significant difference.Was at the Nike Store yesterday when a girl aged about 10 years walked in and asked if the store would customise her Indian cricket team jersey, The player name she wanted was “Mandhana” (Smriti Mandhana).She left everyone absolutely stunned. This is the first time anyone at that store including myself had heard someone wanting the name of a female cricketer on their Indian Cricket Team jersey.Can only hope that this is the first of many!”


This is a great story because women cricket isn’t as popular in India as it should be. All the focus is given to men’s team and most of the time, the achievements of our ladies go unnoticed. This little incident is a great step forward.

Well done, little girl and Smriti Madhana.

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